If it doesn’t taste good, it doesn’t deserve a second bite.
Allergic to crappy customer service.
Deathly scared of flying, but I work to travel.
All views and opinions are my own & non-freebie influenced.

Hello, and welcome to That Girl Who Travels!

TGWT stems from my innate love for food that grew over the past 25 years – well more like the last 10 years, as my brother ate most of my food when we were growing up. My most fond memories with my mother- who taught half of Dubai’s desi population how to cook back in the late 90’s/early 2000’s- are the times when we would visit random restaurants, break down various dishes in to a list of ingredients and then go home and attempt to recreate them. It got to a point where the same dish would be made fresh and served on the dinner table ten days in a row just so that mum could get it right.

Incase you’re wondering:

I’m an Indian-born Canadian who lived most of her formative years between the UAE and South Africa. I spent a couple of years in Toronto, where I completed my BFA (Hons) in Visual Arts from York University, as well as attended school for fashion and culinary arts. After working the Fashion industry for over 10 years, I decided to spend my time in digital marketing as a Social Minion.