The Marble Arch | Jaipur

Restaurant Name The Marble Arch

 Jai Mahal Palace by Taj,  Jaipur

Perfect for.. Breakfast and Casual Buffet Dinners with the family..

What we Ate Dosas, Parathas, Idlis, Laal Mas, Pastas, Thai, Chinese, and more..

What Impressed
Chefs Tarun and Pankaj were absolutely amazing! They really went out of their way to ensure that we had great meals during our stay at the Taj Property. The Laal Mas done by Chef Pankaj is so delicious that it deserves a post on its own. But more on that later..

What Depressed
Our server was the same for all three meals and he was extremely disgruntled with the tip we left on the first night. I could not understand why he was so upset as it was about twenty percent! I felt a need to please him rather than the other way round and even went ahead with thirty percent for the second meal. There was an instant change in his attitude, which was not okay for me. Your quality of service should not be conditional of who leaves you with a good tip.  

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