Dubai Food Fest | Etisalat Beach Canteen

A couple of weeks ago, I found my inbox to be flooded with news and invites to the Dubai Food Festival. Despite not knowing what exactly the festival event roll-out was, the name itself had me hooked – food + festival? Yes, please!

The Etisalat Beach Canteen media viewing was the first event I attended, and I must say it was amazing to see how Sunset beach has been transformed! Although it was my first time, word on the street is that the venue and setup is bigger and better than before.

Disclaimer: it was a media event where the vendors were literally throwing free food at us. So I had to deviate from my usual format of what impressed and what depressed, because all vendors had their best foot forward.

It was a mission to get around to every stall, but the husband and I took turns and we came to the following conclusion:

Must visits
The inventing room

Best Meals
Pitfire Pizza & the HotDog Stand

Special mentions for consistent quality
Tresind & Moshi

If you’re in the neighbourhood, check them out till the 11th of March. You will not be disappointed.

Pitfire Dubai
Pizza at Pitfire – a must have!
Frings UAE | Fries and wings
Try the Sriracha wings : a perfect blend of sweet and spice!
Tresind Lamb Chops | Dubai Food Festival | Etisalat Beach Canteen
Tresinds new Lamb Chops recipe – A must try!
The Inventing Room Dubai
Check out some molecular gastronomical goodness! P.S: THEY CATER!


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