Frugal Foodie | Mall of the Emirates | Dubai

Location… Mall of the Emirates

800 Degrees Pizza | Din Tai Fung | Omnia Baharat | Yo Sushi | Grom

What we ate…Light and peckish meals-for-two under/around AED 50!

Click on the images for detailed reviews:

Much under AED 50, Grom’s just here because the server was awesome and dessert should always be listed first!
Over our budget as we paid AED 60. Click to read about what disappointed.
Gluten free, extra pepperoni and exactly AED 50. This was good for two as a snack.
AED 56/- for three dishes. As authentic as it was, click to read more about the taste!
The most underrated restaurant in Mall of the Emirates. We spent AED 59 on one burger, and it was worth every bite!

The verdict
Despite being AED 59 a burger, the husband and I chose Omnia Baharat as our first choice. Here’s our list from in order of quality, taste and price:

Omnia Baharat’s Wagyu @ AED 59
800 Degree Pizza @ AED 50
Din Tai Fung @ AED 56 for 3 items
Yo Sushi @ AED 60

Don’t forget to tip your server!


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