That Girl Who’s Intolerant

I had to give myself a break from blogging when I had my heart broken 2 weeks ago by my doctor. I was informed- after a series of tests -that I am intolerant to a list of food items. This didn’t sit too well with me as like any other foodie, I too enjoy experimenting and trying different flavours. Every meal is an event for someone like me – I just couldn’t imagine being restricted to no corn, wheat, yeast, almonds, cashews, dairy, etc.

Of course after a couple of intense conversations with some fun-loving vegans and fellow-intolerant buddies, I realised it really is just all about a shift in focus.

So I decided to pick up the pieces and add a foodie segment to the blog that includes options for people who have dietary restrictions. You can expect to see things that are:

GF Gluten Free
DF Dairy Free
NF Nut Free
YF Yeast Free

Please note that like any other intolerant noob, I may get my facts out of order in some posts. Consider this a disclaimer – my posts are meant to be more of a guide to places that have options.