Enroute Your Dream holiday in Maldives | Male City 

So this was hardly a Holiday on a Budget, but if you’re trying to get the most out of your vacay on the islands, you can check out our resort of choice here.

Depending on the time of your flight in to Male, you may not want to take a seaplane or speedboat out to the middle of the nowhere- especially if it’s too dark.

The hubby and I came up with a mini iten for those who decide to have a short layover:

  1. Firstly, don’t try to maximize this day. Whether you land at 3pm, or 7pm, it’s better to get some rest in so you’re fresh for the next day. Trust me, you’ll want all your energy for the countless activities at the resort.
  2. Stay in Hulhumale! It’s the manmade island right by the airport and has enough to do for a couple of hours. We chose the Crystle Beach Inn to shack up for the night.
  3. Hang out at Hulhumale beach – it’s absolutely stunning.
  4. Grab coffee and a quick bite by Shell Beans cafe. They’re famous in Male, and there’s a smaller bite sized cafe waiting for you just off the beach.
  5. Take a Ferry to Male city and visit Sala Thai: a real hidden gem!

Here’s what people didn’t tell you about the Maldives. 

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