Sala Thai | Male City, Maldives

Tom Kha Gai
Basil Chicken
Beef Massaman Curry
Pad Thai

Restaurant Name… Sala Thai

Sala Boutique Hotel, Male City

Perfect for..  A romantic quiet dinner, a hidden gem and must try if you’re in the city…

What we Ordered… Tom Kha Gai, Pad Thai, Massaman Curry, Basil chicken stir fry…

What Impressed
This was the best Thai soup I’ve had in my life – given my bias for Tom Kha Gai. (Husband just said when we’re loaded we shall fly there once a month to have the soup! Looking forward to holding him to that- Ha!) The Pad Thai and Massaman were good as well- a fair 4/5.

What Depressed
There’s no alcohol in Male city – to be honest we didn’t even want any at the time. We asked our server to recommend a dish and she recommended the chicken chili basil – not anything to write home about.

We would’ve recommended staying at the Sala Boutique Hotel as opposed to Hulhumale if there was a spa here. But given that the hotel is literally in the middle of a very claustrophobic and dim lit street, we’d suggest stopping by only for the restaurant.

Always remember to tip your server!


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