Park Hyatt | Stone Town, Zanzibar

The Situation…

1. After a long summer in Dubai, my husband recommended we do a stop in Zanzibar in our continuing journey to explore different cultures and societies.
2. We used Holiday Factory to make our booking – Zanzibar being one of their signature packages – as a trial.
3. We picked the Park Hyatt in Stone Town – our chance to live in a UNESCO world heritage site.

What Impressed…
Value for money when considering the standards of service and hotel facilities, as well as having near access to Stone Town landmarks and the coast side.
One of the best poolside views I’ve seen (excuse the low-res image above – we were too busy soaking in the sunset!)
The breakfast was spot on in terms of variety and bacon on demand. Yes, BACON ON DEMAND!
It’s a landmark. You wont have trouble finding your way back to the hotel. One day in the Stone Town alleys and you’ll know what we mean.

What Depressed…
Front desk check in and check out. They couldn’t find our booking, systems were slow, and only one of the front facing staff knew their way around. I barely pay attention when checking out, but they had miscalculated the amount we owed by a considerable amount. They were quick to resolve it though.
The infinity pool and deck opens out to a public beach. Although there is a glass protector and there was nothing bothersome during our stay, it’s not hard to see how things can go wrong in so many different ways.

Although there are a plethora of options to stay in Zanzibar, the Park Hyatt delivers in every way. It gives you the comfort you’d have staying in any other top-tourist city in the world while still staying close to its Zanzibarian roots. There is a good chance you’ll be spending most of your time exploring outdoors – it’s good to know you’ll feel plenty at home when you’re back at the hotel.

Click here to see how we spent our days there! You can also check our Holiday Factory’s crazy deals here.


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