The Bay Hotel | Cape Town, South Africa



The Situation…

  1. Hubby was on a business trip to South Africa and thought why not take the chance to spend the long weekend in Cape Town?
  2. We did an off-season chilly May trek because no matter what time of year, CT is always a slice of heaven.
  3. Choosing Camps Bay put us beach front, with easy access to either side of the city and insane views (the twelve apostles!)
  4. The objective was simple – penguins, day-drinking, and a foodie adventure, all while on an epic road trip. Click here to read about our 3 days in Cape Town.


What Impressed…

Boutique hotels always leave their own impression. The Bay is by far one of the most unique. Apart from the front view of the beach and the back view of the Twelve Apostles, each and every part of the hotel was so well thought through. Your journey through visual utopia begins from the moment you set foot in to the lobby – vintage bikes, signature paintings and installations, local wines, and luxury handmade soaps. The rooms are gigantic and seem to have a view no matter what. The breakfast place has great floor to ceiling windows overlooking the coast.

It’s important for me to mention at this point that the trip was part of the Honeymoon Series. Service quality was so personalised and upon finding out that it was our “honeymoon” they sent a massive fruit platter, cheese plate and bottle of wine to our room. They also reserved us a table by the window every morning for breakfast.

For car reservations and help with tours, the front desk is very helpful and in most cases can facilitate all the way through.

What Depressed…


At no fault of the hotel, I had the misfortune of encountering an extremely racist in-house guest at breakfast.  It was a couple visiting from Johannesburg, that not only discriminated against me, but also an Arab lady who was there at the time.


Long story short, everyone must make one trip at least to Cape Town in their lifetime. The Bay Hotel is a great start to make your trip easier and wake you to phenomenal views.

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