How to do Baku with Holiday Factory

A trip to Baku for the average traveller is mystifying. It has yet to hit the map for those wanting to trek through the world – and see what else is out there.

Thanks to Holiday Factory, we had access to a 3-day trip to Baku over an extended weekend. With a tad bit of research and their tour list, here’s a go-to list to pack for a stay in May:

1. Sports shoes and a bagpack. There’s a vast mountainous area, cultural landmarks and winding city streets. You need to be comfy on the go.

2. May typically has perfect weather in 18-24 degree territory. Once again, pack for comfort mostly but keep aside 1 nifty dress (for the girls) and shirt (for the guys) to grab a traditional dinner at Firuze Restaurant. Although Azerbaijan is a Muslim majority, it maintains a secular identity. People are very accepting and tolerant towards western clothing – excluding of course, mosques and muslim landmarks.

3. Swimwear – depending on the season or how gutsy you are. I was so looking forward to taking a dip in the Caspian Sea. It’s always compelling to see and be in the infinite reaches of sea.

4. Grab the best possible camera you have. Baku is home to a rich history – there’s an exhaustive list architectural monuments and geographic landmarks spread across and near to Baku. I want to capture every detail of what I’m sure will be a hidden gem.

Click here to check out Holiday Factory’s Baku package!


  1. GoldenHelmet

    Hi, Planning to visit Baku next month and avail HF package. Could you please share the tour package details after reaching Baku.. usually HF has couple of packages offered by the representative ..


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