Hyatt Regency | Baku, Azerbaijan


The Situation…

1. Holiday Factory invited us to experience their newly launched destination: Baku.
2. We planned a three night stay at the Hyatt Regency – the 5 star option provided by them.
3. Upon checking in the front desk mistook hubby for the nephew of the head of Hyatt in the region. This was going to be interesting…

What Impressed…
As soon as you drive in to the Hyatt Regency, there is an old world elegance to the hotel. The staff are extremely welcoming though some with limitations on language.

The hotel courts the largest fitness centre in Baku, with outdoor and indoor pools. The spa will relax you without hurting your purse.

Everything from the room to the breakfast was spot on in terms of delivering value and making you feel at home.

What Depressed…
There is one restaurant at the Hyatt. It was a bit after lunch on a weekday so we walked in to an empty restaurant – unfortunately without

It’s bang for your buck – a beautiful property and group of people working to make you feel at home. Everything is close by and you’ll never get lost going home with the Hyatt as a landmark.

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