5 Things To Do In Istanbul

  1. Take Cheesy selfies on a ferry- especially if you’re on your honeymoon.Istanbul
  2. Maybe even take tourist-y pictures next to every landmark you see.IMG_2520
  3. Take an uber to the Spice Souq and get lost in there. Spice Souq Istanbul
  4. Don’t be afraid to cross over to visit the European side or to the Asian side (depending on where you decide to stay). Both are equally fascinating.Istanbul
  5. Stay at the gorgeous Hotel Amira in Sultanamet. It beats staying anywhere else. You’re in a quiet neighbourhood right next to all the beautiful landmarks, yet far away from the maddening crowds at Teksim. Hotel Amira

Other things to do that I forgot to photograph or mention :

1. Visit Teksim Square. It’s beautiful. You can get there through public transport. And hey, keep a look out for the old tram that rickets through the streets every now and then.

2. Spend time at the Bosphorus Bridge.

3. Take uber. Uber is safe. Uber is reliable. Uber is a little expensive but not enough to break the bank.

4. Explore restaurants. Food is delicious in Istanbul and I like to turn to Zomato for suggestions when confused.

5. Recommended restaurants and eateries include: Craft Cafe, Little Havana Sultanamet, and Amira Hotel’s high tea and dinner menu at their restaurant.

More visuals:

Istanbul Craft Cafe

Istanbul Craft Cafe



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