Maria Boat Tours | Negombo | Sri Lanka

Alright. So you’re looking for a guy called Ranga Fernando. His card details were as follows:

Maria Boat Tour
+94766404737 / +94722818867
Holland Canal Tour, Blue Lagoon Tour, Muthuraj Boat Safari, Deep Sea Fishing, River Fishing, Coral Reef & Snorkeling Tour, Fish Market & Harbour Tour

For approximately $60 you can expect him to take you and your partner on a cute little boat cruise around the blue lagoons in Negombo. You will stop by a farm with fish, turtles, dogs, and for lack of a better way to put it – fancy plants.

Following this you may get to a part of the lagoon where your guide will point out jelly fish and then invite you to stand in the middle of it all as the waters are shallow enough to do so. Yes, you’re standing in the middle of the lagoons and it’s pretty awesome!

He will then feed you fresh pineapples and coconut cream. A pit-stop at the monkey island and a couple of hours later, you will find yourself back at the starting point feeling refreshed, yet ready to head home for a shower.

The entire experience was so raw and naturally beautiful – something we don’t see very often coming from a city like Dubai. Monkey Island Negombo Sri LankaMonkey Island Negombo Sri LankaJellyfish in Negombo Sri LankaSri Lanka Boat TourNegombo Boat TourBlue Lagoons Sri LankaCoconut Sri LankaIMG_0173

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