DoTD: 1Life Cafe | Dubai Design District | United Arab Emirates

Restaurant Name.. 1Life Kitchen & Cafe

 Business Bay.. not really. It’s in Dubai Design District, United Arab Emirates

Perfect for.. Absolutely everything: quick lunches, fashion forward girly dates, or just an early Saturday morning post-workout meal..

What we Ate.. Way too much, i.e. the shakshoumi, fillet steak, bancakes, juices, coffees..

What Impressed
 Heading to D3 means one needs to look and feel their best. After all, every second individual in the area is an intimidating creative and no matter what you say on the outside, you secretly-kind-of just want approval and acceptance(I totally do and I’m not afraid to admit it!).
However you can say good bye to that so-called pretentious notion the second you walk through the doors of the 1Life Kitchen & Cafe. The owner welcomed my husband and I and took our order with his little newborn in one hand. You could see the warmth from this family owned place gleam through the beautifully done interiors.
So we begin ordering, and we’re a little early for the steak, but he insisted we order it anyway with a slight wait. We were totally down because… there’s a SOUTH AFRICAN chef behind this menu. Need I say more?! The wait was totally worth it and the steak was absolutely DIVINE. We practically inhaled it, almost tackling each other for the last bite.
The Shakshoumi was just as good. The bancakes were also pretty epic! I know I’m not describing the other dishes as much- that steak is still on my mind..

What Depressed
I think I can safely say that this is the first time I have not faced even the slightest disappointment or ‘micro-issue’ – the experience was flawless. The only thing that DOES bother me is that they have a Potjie (pronounced poi-kee) and it’s served on Sundays before I get done work so I still haven’t been able to try it.#ShwetaSad 😦

I guess the only other thing is that they are closed on Fridays, but nothing stops this spectacular cafe from being a Saturday morning staple for us- when we’re in town at least!

A BIG shout out to Michelle, who always welcomes us with a smile and amazing service.Banana Pancakes Bancakes| 1Life Feed Your Soul|Design District Cappuccino Almond Milk| 1Life Feed Your Soul|Design District
Shakshoumi| 1Life Feed Your Soul|Design District Side Salad| 1Life Feed Your Soul|Design District Shweta Wahi | 1Life Feed Your Soul|Design District

1Life Feed Your Soul|Design District

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