Sum Of Us | Trade Centre Dubai | United Arab Emirates

 Restaurant Name.. Sum Of Us

 Trade Centre Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Perfect for.. ‘Me’ time, an early breakfast, mid day coffee break, dates, girly lunches

What I Ate.. Gluten free dinner, gluten free (but not dairy free) dessert, coffee..

What Impressed
After a frazzled day at work, I gave them a buzz and asked if it would be okay to park myself in a corner. The gentleman on the phone totally obliged and even patiently answered my questions regarding my intolerances and whether or not I could bum off their wifi for a couple of hours. The service was prompt enough for a place like Sum of Us. the experience here is what you make of it- it could be slow and chilled or fast food-y.

What Depressed
Nothing bothered me here- at all. However, it totally drives me insane when customers ill treat servers. I think what really upset me this evening was that despite his very positive and calm attitude, a customer was being a jerk to this guy for bringing a dish late.

It’s okay to be peeved off about something arriving late to the table, but be nice to your servers, guys. You never know how bad someone’s day might be going and if they has had the decency to greet you with a smile then don’t make gestures about them behind their back. This man was so rude and off-putting.

Pictures to follow!

Gluten Free & Dairy Free Options Available.

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