How to: life | Apps to make your Dubai life a breeze

You need to continue reading if any(or a few) of the following applies to you:

  • You’re a twenty-something living alone or with your other half;
  • Your full time job takes up most of your day, leaving you with an hour or two in the evening before sleep takes over;
  • You’re the perfect Dubai housewife who’s got it all together till your house help goes on leave for a couple of months;
  • You don’t mind spending a few extra bucks to save time and energy if it means you can get someone else to take care of daily chores.

So here’s my list of mobile apps that I regularly turn to to make my life easier:

  • Zomato
    This one is an all time favourite for me. Zomato started out as a fun way to review restaurants, but since they introduced deliveries, table bookings, and Zomato Gold, I am almost unsure of what life was like without the app. Whether I’m at work, a site visit, home or at a friends place, ordering using this app is so convenient. Additionally, I love that you can filter out restaurants based on cuisines, price range, promotions… the filter-list is endless. You can put multiple cards and addresses in to your account, which allows me to order team lunches (using the company card) when we’re too swamped to grab a bite from the food court.Discount Coupon: Use THATGI to get AED 20 off your first order.
  • Washmen

    Late from work.. it’s 9:45pm and I just got done dinner.. I wanted to do laundry but that means staying up for another two hours.. Groannnnnnn…
    Sound familiar? Then this is the app for you. These guys come in and pick up your laundry within 30 minutes of placing an order. A man shows up at your doorstep with three fresh bags: press only, wash and press, and an ALL YOU CAN WASH bag. The third one is my favourite, as I’ve easily fit in 50-60 pieces of clothing/bedsheets/towels in there and it costs AED 79 for the entire thing. Given the general price list of boutique laundry services, this one’s a total steal. They also have a ‘happy hour’ where you get AED 5 off on your pickup/drop off.Discount Coupon: Use SHWETA_WAHI to get AED 40 off your first order.
  • Cleaning Services: Matic & JustMop
    All week at work.. spent the entire Friday at the beach. It’s now 8pm and both hubby and my parents are coming over for tea tomorrow.
    You get on the app, schedule a one time cleaning with or without supplies, and the next morning they’re there as early as you need them to be- even 8am! 
    I’ve had amazing experiences with both companies. Some friends have actually left their keys with security allowing the maids to come in and clean while they’re at the office. This service unfortunately does not come cheap. I land up paying AED 40-50/hour, mostly because it only takes 2 hours to do a thorough cleaning of my two bedroom.
    There are cleaning companies that send cleaners over, however you are required to take them for a minimum of 4 hours per session at AED 25-30/hour. Same cost, double the time, less efficient, and not flexible at all. More hours does not mean cleaner apartment.
  • Food deliveries: Dailymeal and Laptop Lunch
    I used to spend almost AED 30-40 every day on lunch and this can get ridiculously expensive. So why use these websites to order food? Well, one’s AED 14 and one is AED 17. Both are great in taste and fulfil your craving of mum’s food. So the real and only difference for me is that Dailymeal delivers to my workplace and Laptop Lunch delivers to my home! And yes, I know there are not apps, but they’re great to have handy!
  • SnappCard
    This is a fun way for me to collect points every time I visit my favourite cafes in Dubai. I’m sure there’s more to the app (I have seen online ordering as an option), but I haven’t tried it yet. All you do is open up the app and snapp your server’s SnappCard bar code which gives you a point. Collect ‘x’ number of points and you can get a free beverage or main course at your next visit!
    Totally worth it if you are a regular at Sum of Us or even OneLife Cafe in D3… That’s what I use it for!

Have an app you think could make this list? Leave a message in the comments below!

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