Dish of The Day

Toko | Downtown Dubai 

Restaurant Name… Toko Location… Vida Hotel, Downtown Dubai Perfect for.. date night, snack time, ladies night out, … What we Ordered… Brussel sprouts, beef steamed buns, chicken katsu open steamed buns, lamb chops, wagyu beef steak(medium), rice… What Impressed… The ambience has a duality. It’s sophisticated but relaxed. People are typically well dressed but you feel […]


Pippin Hot | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Restaurant Name… Pippin Hot Location… Ibis Hotel, Dubai Perfect for..  Late night binges, date night, home delivery for movie nights, I-forgot-to-cook-days, I-miss-mum’s-food moments… What we Ordered… Chef Saji’s recommendations of Shanghai fried rice, crispy lamb, lemon coriander soup… What Impressed That Shanghai fried rice is the best fried rice/noodle combination I have ever had in Dubai. It’s the perfect […]